About the blogger

Hi all,

I just wanted to get a little personal with my followers and for those who don’t really know me.

My name is Ciera, I’m just a cool, laid back, intellect crazed, traveling junkie, fashion lover, hopeless romantic who’s hopelessly devoted to making the journey through life better. I can’t stress to you all about how much I am in love with new things, culture, learning, reading, and above all FASHION! When I tell people that my morning ritual consist of prayer and checking fashion bomb daily while sipping on a glass of water (I love waterrrrrrr) they chuckle. I always felt a bit ambivalent with sharing it with people but, it’s necessary for me. I’m currently an educator outside of my blogging/fashion life and aspire to be someone’s English professor one day. Of course, all the while remaining fashionable… and hopefully somewhere in another country learning new things and feeding my addiction to all things posh,prim,and proper. Until my next post.



*waves* Hi everyone, so I know it’s been a while since I have graced the world wide web with my fashion sense. Bittersweet because I have gone through so much with getting things done the right way, and being critiqued by the self proclaimed fashionistas that wear anything that is posted on Instagram and has the word “boutique” attached. Ok, I’m going to be nice now. So everyone is gearing up for New Year’s Eve festivities, and I am preparing for my 28th birthday.. womp! I have been coming across many outfits that’s just not……. posh! So, here’s MY advice. In fashion, I need people to gain the concept that less is more. A simple A-line dress, a pair of fab shoes, and a flawless hair style will speak volumes. Whether you’re going to a bar, church, or a friend’s house… keep it clean and classic. Here are my suggestions for NYE . If there’s any inquiries on where to get either item email: poshciera26@gmail.com. I wish everyone a totally awesome 2014, and I promise I’ll blog my birthday outfits in a few weeks. And for the love of all things, posh….be prim and proper xo.Image

Fall Preview

Unfortunately the drastic changes in this Michigan weather is a reminder that Fall/Winter is approaching. If you are anything like myself you thrive off of having all four season’s and constantly having to change your wardrobe and….hair. I am in gear for pea coat’s and driver hats, leather gloves, cashmere scarves, boots, and cardigan sweater’s. All of which are appropriate for women and men, diva’s and what I like to refer to stylish men as…divo’s. 

Just to give you guy’s a quick snapshot of what’s to come this season, we will see the trending prints, cap toe boot’s, and for men the essential sport coat/blazer that you can dress up with a shirt and tie, or dress down with a t-shirt and jean’s. 



For all three items shop http://www.riverisland.com



Men’s Thom Browne sport jack available at Target stores and http://www.target.com

Just a quick preview for those who want to start gearing up and like to stay a seaso ahead. There’s more to come…Diva’s stay prim, Divo’s stay proper.



Summer White

As we continue to bare this scorching weather, we are fully aware that events don’t stop but only heighten during the summer season. From weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and elite events. I’m sure all of my Detroit natives are familiar with the Ultimate White  party that took place last Saturday at Chene park. Against my better judgment I decided not to go, however I received a few request to put together wardrobes for people. My schedule only allows me to shop for two people at a time, sometimes three depending on the events. My client’s told me they’d give me free range and wear exactly what I put together, I was over joyed. Whenever I style people I have to get a feel for who they are, what they’re used to, and what they’re willing to wear. Being personal allows me to take it all in and construct a look that I’m in love with, and the client feels great in. For the two looks that I created I wanted to give a very simple look but be classic at the same time, it’s very easy to ruin all white –people do it all the time. For the woman an white bodycon dress with back cleavage is perfect. An exaggerated neckline with jewels and stone’s is what I decided, and my favorite colored shoe’s. The “pop” of color is becoming a favorite trend of mine. Now for a male, a pair of white linen pants, a basic white v-neck T-shirt, and colored shoe’s is the look I preferred. So, knowing this I pulled clothes, and shoe’s until I was satisfied and delivered my clients wardrobes, and thanked them for trusting me for putting together a posh, prim, and proper look. Details on each look is below…be stylish! ImageImageImageImage

Smart and Stylish

I’ve arrived! It’s been a journey. From the day’s of prancing around in my Mom’s heels, and stealing her wet n’ wild lipstick to smuggle to school and play “beauty shop”, my pre-teen year’s when I admired TLC and wanted replicate everything I saw them wear, to my late teen year’s when I had to visit the rite aid across the street weekly and purchase Vogue, Essence, and Jet magazine’s. Take them home and rip pages out of the look’s I wanted to replicate, or find in the thrift store when I shopped with my grandmother. To begging my Mom and Dad to buy me the latest tennis skirt, plastic Melissa shoe’s, Make up and pearls from Montgomery Ward’s department store. As I’m going down memory lane I can’t help but give credit to “Pretty Woman”, “Boomerang”, and “Waiting to Exhale”, all these movie’s are privy to my style culture, even present day. Having nothing to do with the story line of hollywood prostitutes shopping on “Rodeo drive baby” yet everything connected to the red gown Julia Robert’s wore to the Opera,  Angela Bassets black dress with a lace bodice top and white trench as she set her husband’s car on fire, and Robin Given’s tailored suits, Eartha Kitt’s A-line dresses, and Grace Jones cold shoulder cocktail dress. To now, my often referred to “keen eye for fashion” by many friend’s and family, and the go-to for wardrobe styling at a local level this is my gift, my outlet, my knowledge to share with the world.


Until my next post be….POSH!