About the blogger

Hi all,

I just wanted to get a little personal with my followers and for those who don’t really know me.

My name is Ciera, I’m just a cool, laid back, intellect crazed, traveling junkie, fashion lover, hopeless romantic who’s hopelessly devoted to making the journey through life better. I can’t stress to you all about how much I am in love with new things, culture, learning, reading, and above all FASHION! When I tell people that my morning ritual consist of prayer and checking fashion bomb daily while sipping on a glass of water (I love waterrrrrrr) they chuckle. I always felt a bit ambivalent with sharing it with people but, it’s necessary for me. I’m currently an educator outside of my blogging/fashion life and aspire to be someone’s English professor one day. Of course, all the while remaining fashionable… and hopefully somewhere in another country learning new things and feeding my addiction to all things posh,prim,and proper. Until my next post.



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