*waves* Hi everyone, so I know it’s been a while since I have graced the world wide web with my fashion sense. Bittersweet because I have gone through so much with getting things done the right way, and being critiqued by the self proclaimed fashionistas that wear anything that is posted on Instagram and has the word “boutique” attached. Ok, I’m going to be nice now. So everyone is gearing up for New Year’s Eve festivities, and I am preparing for my 28th birthday.. womp! I have been coming across many outfits that’s just not……. posh! So, here’s MY advice. In fashion, I need people to gain the concept that less is more. A simple A-line dress, a pair of fab shoes, and a flawless hair style will speak volumes. Whether you’re going to a bar, church, or a friend’s house… keep it clean and classic. Here are my suggestions for NYE . If there’s any inquiries on where to get either item email: poshciera26@gmail.com. I wish everyone a totally awesome 2014, and I promise I’ll blog my birthday outfits in a few weeks. And for the love of all things, posh….be prim and proper xo.Image


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  1. I love that dress, I love your whole less is more vibe but I am having a hard time fitting that in my wardrobe, I like FLASHY… Helpppppp

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