Smart and Stylish

I’ve arrived! It’s been a journey. From the day’s of prancing around in my Mom’s heels, and stealing her wet n’ wild lipstick to smuggle to school and play “beauty shop”, my pre-teen year’s when I admired TLC and wanted replicate everything I saw them wear, to my late teen year’s when I had to visit the rite aid across the street weekly and purchase Vogue, Essence, and Jet magazine’s. Take them home and rip pages out of the look’s I wanted to replicate, or find in the thrift store when I shopped with my grandmother. To begging my Mom and Dad to buy me the latest tennis skirt, plastic Melissa shoe’s, Make up and pearls from Montgomery Ward’s department store. As I’m going down memory lane I can’t help but give credit to “Pretty Woman”, “Boomerang”, and “Waiting to Exhale”, all these movie’s are privy to my style culture, even present day. Having nothing to do with the story line of hollywood prostitutes shopping on “Rodeo drive baby” yet everything connected to the red gown Julia Robert’s wore to the Opera,  Angela Bassets black dress with a lace bodice top and white trench as she set her husband’s car on fire, and Robin Given’s tailored suits, Eartha Kitt’s A-line dresses, and Grace Jones cold shoulder cocktail dress. To now, my often referred to “keen eye for fashion” by many friend’s and family, and the go-to for wardrobe styling at a local level this is my gift, my outlet, my knowledge to share with the world.


Until my next post be….POSH!


11 thoughts on “Smart and Stylish

  1. I want Angela Bassett dress ! I dont know where I would wear it to.. but I want it 🙂 this is awesome CICI ! Proud of you

  2. So happy for my fashionable diva… Always been fly since highschool but “Pretty Woman” tho… Ummmmmmm,i don’t see that in you… However, waiting to exhale…. Yessssss

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